Permaculture & social change

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This engaging online session is facilitated by Alfred Decker, an award-winning permaculture designer and one of Europe’s leading permaculture educators. Permaculture is a holistic design system that works on social as well as the ecological structures. It is like a pair of glasses that allow you to see previously unseen possibilities: that rubble-filled urban lot as a food forest; your neighbourhood as a vibrant and resilient community; and yourself as part of a hugely complex web of life and the natural patterns which form the world around you. We are living in an unprecedented time of crisis. However, the Chinese symbol for crisis is a combination of the symbols danger and opportunity. Permaculture is Solutionary and well-suited to engage with this time of danger and opportunity.

Alfred is the founder of the 12P Permaculture Design consultancy, Permacultura Barcelona and the Forest Gardens project at Can Masdeu; is a co-founder of the Spanish Permaculture Academy (Academia de Permacultura Íbera); and was a member of the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership and the Permaculture Council of Europe. Alfred holds a post graduate diploma in sustainable architecture and renewable energy (Centre for Alternative Technology) and lives at the Vidàlia housing cooperative near Barcelona, Catalunya (Spanish Territory). He recently facilitated a permaculture teacher training organised by Norsk Permakulturforening.

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