Permaculture Ethics and Natural Law

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How does Permaculture Ethics align with Natural Law? An age-old philosophy shared by all the world’s spiritual traditions, Natural Law gives us common sense and good judgement. It is our moral compass, our inner wisdom and instinctive knowledge of what is right and wrong, moral and immoral. Also called the law of cause and effect, Natural Law governs the consequences of our actions. We literally reap what we sow. This webinar will not only deepen your understanding of universal moral ethics. A solid understanding of Natural Law makes us more aware of how we, collectively, create the reality we are currently experiencing, both for better and for worse. And it gives us the solutions to how we can all contribute to creating a better world.

Norun is an enthusiastic coach and trainer with a holistic approach to people and organisational development. In her work, she provides effective and transformative tools and strategies for growth and wellbeing both on a personal and a professional level. Norun loves seeing her clients expand their awareness and find more clarity, fulfilment, and balance as complex physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual human beings. She is Operations Secretary of the Norwegian Permaculture Association and recently completed her PDC.

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