PDC på Svalbard 12.-24. juni 2016

PDC på Svalbard 12.-24. juni 2016

(Passer det bedre med helgekurs? Det er også satt opp et grunnkurs med Jan Bang fordelt over seks helger våren 2016 – les mer her)

We invite people who want to expand their knowledge about sustainable living to attend the internationally acclaimed Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course. By completion of the course, you will get a certificate that is valid worldwide. The course covers topics such as house building and gardening, soil and composting systems, eco-  friendly technology, water supply and water purification systems, alternative economy and eco-villages.

Participants will get a solid start in the world of permaculture, and gain access to an international movement working to generate a sustainable future, filled with abundance, prosperity and joy. The changes start with you, and how you design your own life!

The course will be designed specifically for Polar conditions, but still retaining the principles of the traditional Permaculture Design Course. It is hoped that during the course we will create a group who will continue working towards making Longyearbyen the first polar sustainable town in the world. This course is a unique opportunity to be part of a design team that has as it’s goal to move the frontiers of sustainability!

The course tutor, Jan Martin Bang, has a Diploma from the Nordic Permaculture Institute and will give certificates to candidates successfully completing the course (attending at least 75% of the sessions, and presenting a personal design project to the rest of the participants).

Details about cost, accommodation and registration are still being worked out.

More info: http://polarpermaculture.com/permaculture-design-course/

For more information please get in touch with

Jan Bang Miljøråd

Tel: 48 12 96 53       Email:

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