Norsk permakulturforening


Permaculture Design Course

Tid: 19. mai 2017 – 30. juni 2017

Sted: Tromsø


  • To give a boost to the Permaculture network
  • To create a group of certified Permaculture activists who can build further on Permaculture
  • To create a local group of Permaculturalists

The course tutor, Jan Martin Bang, has a Diploma from the Nordic Permaculture Institute and will give certificates to candidates successfully completing the course, (attending at least 75% of the sessions, and presenting a personal Design project to the rest of the participants).

First week between Friday 19th and Thursday 25th May
Second week, between Saturday 25th and Thursday 30th June

Details of costs, registration and logistics are being worked out, but set aside the dates now! For any further information contact Jan Bang: