Stemningsrapport fra Nordisk treff (på engelsk)

Stemningsrapport fra Nordisk treff (på engelsk)


The meeting for the Nordic permaculture associations was this year held on the 30th October till the 1st November at Kinnsåsen near Ås, in Norway.

The gathering this year was a historic event as it was the first time that Finland and Iceland were represented! So our Nordic permaculture-family is expanding!

The weekend gathering started with open lectures at NMBU- Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Jan Bang opened the lectures with an inspiring and clear introduction to permaculture, followed by Philip Weiss and a great presentation of his project in Stjarnsund in Sweden. The event was rounded off by a Nordic focus on the LAND project both in Denmark -where LAND is well established (presented by Catherine Dolleris), and in Norway -where the project is in the beginning phases (presented by Helene Bøhler). This was a great introduction to the Nordic meeting, and a positive outwards focus from our Nordic community. It even inspired more participants to spontaneously join the gathering!

At the gathering itself we were approx. 40 participants with a great variety of experiences within permaculture, but with an even eagerness to deepen our knowledge and encourage and develop more activities. New connections were made both in the Nordic environment and for Norwegian participants who joined locally/ nationally.

We went by foot for a nice walk along the lake to visit BALDRON; a local center for the promotion of health, environment and research. Here we had a great presentation of the workshop they were currently holding, of hanging beehives of straw, and other related topics.

As well as the Nordic AGM, the gathering also included illuminating presentations of the British diploma-model, and the development of the LAND project in the Nordic countries.

Philip Weiss gave us an in depth, inspiring and beautifully illustrated diploma presentation and was duly accredited. So we now have one more diplomaholder in the Nordic countries! Congratulations Philip!

Our Nordic community is grounding, growing and spreading, and we look forward to the Nordic permaculture festival in Finland in August, and to our next Nordic meeting at Friland in Denmark in January 2017!

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